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Saturday, April 18, 2009
On class

Student Action was just as classless in their victory as CalSERVE was last year at the tabulation meeting. I'll admit enjoying seeing the CalSERVErs all sad and disappointed over their failure, because they deserved it after their behavior last year. But that doesn't mean that bringing out a fucking broom was classy.

My opinion hasn't changed. Having a tabulation meeting because it's dramatic is not a good reason. There is no justification for counting the votes much slower than necessary for the sake of suspense. In fact, there's no reason to even hide the results until the tabulation meeting. It's an automated program that takes a text file as input. What possible explanation can the ASUC give for hiding information from the student body for dramatic effect? Last year, CalSERVE signatory Shawn Jain took the unbelievable position that deliberately withholding information from the student body improved transparency. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, could an effort to eliminate hiding the votes from the public succeed, or will Student Action block it this year?

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/18/2009 12:56:00 AM #
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So are you trying to tell me that bringing out a broom isn't classy? Cause I don't buy that.
to sum it up:

Let me re-cap on the election.

the president, will smelko, abstained from a vote for the ASUC to take an opposing position to prop 8. he now represents Cal students.

the external affairs vp, dani haber, worked in the office of the most conservative and anti-student Berkeley city council member, Gordon Wozniac.

their academic vp, john tran, has NO experience and NO clue about what he's doing.

their executive vp, tu tran, spent the most money out of all the senators in the ASUC last year. this is at a time when we are facing an economic crisis.

the ASUC is FUCKED for next year.
You're upset about a broom, Beetle? Come on. I think it's a stretch to call an entire party classless when it was one person who held it up for like three seconds.

Classless is spending $20,000 to recall somebody you disagree with and lying about it the whole time.

Also - when was the last time SA has done this well? (increased turnout, all four exec seats, and the number one senator)?
This may seem strange in the finger-pointing world you live in, but it turns out more than one thing can be classless.

Classless also includes screaming victoriously in the face of the dejected opposing party when you win an election. I mentioned the broom as a symbol of that classlessness, but if you're looking to excuse behavior, you can ignore the broom if you like.
So then both parties are classless, because both scream their lungs out whenever they win at tabs?

And try not to go ad hominem, I'm trying to understand your point. I don't excuse bad behavior at all, I just don't include a raising a broom for three seconds as bad behavior
While you post anonymously, you're nobody and will receive no respect from me. It's not ad hominem if I don't even recognize you as a person.

But yes, both parties are classless when it comes to election results, which is why I don't feel a speck of sympathy for CalSERVE having to deal with it.
Ha! Fair enough. And can you respond to my earlier question (wasn't rhetorical)? When was the last time SA did this well?
don't forget about senator meghana dhar. she was flipping off CalSERVE during tabulations and her boyfriend almost physically assaulted someone outside the building, in addition to verbally harassing and attempting to intimidate members of CalSERVE. classy, meghana, very classy indeed.
I don't know off the top of my head. Start checking in 2005, which was the last competitive election which SA won executive seats. 2006 they swept, but that's because CalSERVE essentially took a year off.
meghana dhar is a self-serving scum bag of a joke. if she really did flip people off, that's the least offensive thing she's done all year.
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check it at 1:10

oh meghana. first rule: don't get caught on camera
haha that is really funny
sadly enough, SA's victory was quite limited. CalServe, Oatfield, Adem, Guarano are at least a 10-person radical bloc. Squelch will probably side with student action, but that's only 9. Franco? I don't know much about him, but point is, its going to be a stalemate.
Guarano has major beef with CS. They sent emails out to some group telling them not to vote for Guarano because he's independent and all.

SA's victory was huge, anonymous. All four exec seats, 5% increased turnout, and the #1 senator (Stern).
meghana dhar is classless...

Is it strange that you endorsed Oscar but are taking pleasure in his defeat?
No. Why would it be?
I don't know -- I guess I'm sad when the people I support lose, and I definitely don't get happy at their distress over losing.

Different strokes, I guess.
I'm happy that people who acted like assholes last year when they won suffer the other side of the coin. While I think he'd be more useful in the position, his distress is enjoyable.

I have no stake in the results themselves, so I'm hardly going to get excited or upset about those.
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