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Thursday, May 08, 2008
Last week on ASUC

So, the effort to make elections results available to students before tabulation failed, because CalSERVE opposed it. CalSERVE, being very good at screaming in the face of their vanquished opponents, really, really wants tabulation, I guess. Consider this logic from Shawn Jain:
Mr. Jain said he proposed this amendment because he thought having tabulation in a public place was important. He would acknowledge that the vote file, after it was released to the public, would allow people to do the tabulation in the comfort of their own homes, but there was something about it being a lot more transparent when it was done in a public space that anyone could go to and watch what was going on. That was still really, really important. The amendment kept things as they were at that time. As far as he knew, the vote file was released immediately at tabulation.
Yes, he argued that having the vote file out of the hands of the people viewing and instead merely spit out a bunch of numbers in a room full of people who can't actually see the program being used is more transparent than giving both the voter files and the software to count them to everyone.

Eliminating the Solicitor General also failed on a similar vote.

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the asuc turned sour when shawn jain joined.
lol anybody who has been to a senate meeting this year knows it was sour from the beginning!!
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