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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A bunch of folks from Tikvah went last week to complain to the Senate about the SJP protest and the yelling towards their counterprotest. (I mentioned it here)

Jon Poullard, quick to condemn IFAW, quick to call for buying SJP a new sign because people might have felt uncomfortable, decided that this time the issue was the importance of having a dialogue between the two groups.
Regarding hate speech and what that really meant, and what hate was, he would ask if it was hateful to say "fuck Israel"? And it probably was. Was it hateful to say "Palestinian terror"? Probably. There were always two sides to every single story around dialogue.
Really? Either of those would require a pretty low standard for hate speech to be included if you want to talk about restricting it. Still, equating the two seems downright odd. What the Tikvah folks were complaining about was the actual anti-Semitism from the dude shouting something like "They think they're the chosen people. They think they can do whatever they want. They think they can kill people whenever they want." I don't think that wasn't an SJP dude, in any case. I thought it was Chris, the guy who always screams and swears about cell phones and the like.

In other news, in the discussion about funding the From All Perspectives Show:
Mr. Weiner said he would like to note for the record that during the committee of the whole, Sen. Winston yelled out "Fuck you" to him as well as other Senators. Mr. Weiner said he would encourage the Senator, in the future, to avoid such behavior. It was disrespectful.

Ms. Winston said it was "Black Wednesday." They had a wonderful event. A lot of students came out to show solidarity. She was misquoted twice that evening. She has compared events and accidentally passed gas that day.
I'm not going to ask, and neither should you. (The comparing events was in reference to the other alleged misquote) I assume the second misquote would be Gabe's comment. It seems like that would be something difficult to gloss over, since this discussion occurred right after the committee of the whole meeting. Maybe other Senators want to talk, but I doubt it. In response, I think people should randomly accuse each other of profanity during committee of the whole meetings until they stop hiding these discussions from the public by entering committee of the whole.
Mr. Seaty said he felt it was problematic when they throw around the term "multiculturalism" but didn't take the time to think which students were actively engaging in increasing the multicultural activity on campus, and what it meant to the bridges community when From All Perspectives would happen on Senior Weekend. Students who will come to campus won't be able to participate in From All Perspectives because they'll be engaging in Senior Weekend. It didn't make sense to talk about diversity when this event was not diverse at all. Fucking people were acting like fucking monkeys.
Well then. I, of course, support profanity in the Senate, but I dunno how widespread that view is.

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