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Nap Time!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Students for Justice in Palestine had one of their "die-ins" over a bunch of killing in Israel/Palestine (it happens a lot, you see). Some thoughts:

A die-in is a nap in the sun. The corpses were pretty chatty for dead guys, and fidgeted a lot more than you might expect the dead to do. One fellow even tipped his wheelchair over.

After some pro-Israel folks held up a sign that read something like "Victims of Palestinian Terror," Snehal Shingavi (who wears Calvin Klein underwear, I discovered today) started one of his famous adjective-filled rages, including something to the effect of "How dare they use the deaths of Palestinian civilians to promote their propoganda"... in the middle of a protest using the deaths of Palestinian civilians to promote propoganda.

At some point, the Israeli sign got kicked or punched or something, and the police has to intervene. I heard a lot of whining to the police about how "somebody made a racist comment" and "they're disrespecting the commemoration of the dead" and other complaints which the police had no reason to care about.

Come on folks, this is too tame. Bring back the checkpoint!

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the problem with protesting on sproul is that it happens so frequently. rather than seeing something like this and thinking "my gosh i wasn't aware of their plight!", i instead think "here is another bunch of weirdos i need to avoid on my way to class".

point being, i've found the downslope side of dwinelle to be much more pleasant. the redwood trees typically don't yell at each other... unless there are protesters in them.
the problem with protesting in general is that it does very, very, very little unless it is an institutional protest (like dodging the draft or somesuch). standing in a crowded area yelling at people (or not yelling at people) does abso-fucking-lutely nothing.
It's called an awareness event. Nobody claims that it "does" anything besides bring attention to what is happening in Gaza, as well as let people know about our organization.
an event doesn't make people aware when it is nothing but propaganda...it makes them less aware
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