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Thursday, April 16, 2009
Wrong and wrong

There is typically a one-week filing period after the polls open for students to file elections violations against candidates. After tabulation, only the ASUC Attorney General may file violations.
There's nothing under the sun that says anything of the sort. The Judicial Council sets a good faith filing deadline (4 pm on Tuesday after the election), which doesn't distinguish between the Attorney General or other students. The By-Laws instruct that preliminary tabulation does not prohibit the Attorney General or Elections Council chair from filing further charges. But the By-Laws don't define the good faith filing deadline, and would have no authority to instruct the Judicial Council to reject cases from other students even if they did. This is yet another of those myths (like "campaigning can't begin until the week before the election" or "campaign signs can't touch the ground") that no one bothers to actually check for accuracy.

Also, no:
But during a Constitutional and Procedure Review Committee meeting this week, the motion failed by a 3-3 vote. Removing Sinanian required a two-thirds vote from the committee and the senate.
Removing Sinanian doesn't require anything from the committee. It doesn't even need to go to committee, and I can't imagine any reason why the Senate can't pick up a failed action in committee just like it does with bills.

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