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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Last year, I was criticized for criticizing The Daily Cal for awarding themselves the Best of Berkeley award for blogs, because "hey, the students vote on it." I look forward to hearing what kind of excuse The Daily Cal will offer for choosing its own blog as the Editor's Pick for Best of Berkeley. Do they have a "Best Newspaper" category? Who would win it?

Update: We have a response:
Oh, and Beetle is jealous or something.
Wait, that's not a response, that's an attempt to change the subject.

To a certain extent it's true, I wish I could teach ethics or something, and how it interacts with credibility, and so I'm jealous I don't get the job. Do they really not understand the problem that is associated with declaring yourself the best in what is supposedly an attempt to be informative? Even on Beetle Beat, which is hardly a paragon of journalistic integrity, I largely ignored my ASUC campaigns because it would cheapen the actual information I try to communicate.

It's one thing to write a fluff piece about how your newspaper won some awards at some journalistic recognition ceremony. It's quite another to publish editorial judgments about yourself being superior in a competitive sense to others.

(Those who are familiar with me personally know how little I encourage folks to read the blog or seek to boost traffic or recognition for it. Those who only know me through the blog may not understand this and think of this as bitterness. My criticism is very specific to The Daily Cal's decisionmaking and how it hurts their ability to be a powerful source of information on this campus. It's no different than any of the rest of my criticism, even if you could conceivably take the silly view that I was seeking recognition from The Daily Cal.)

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