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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
It was totally me

Michael Sinanian plays defense:
Earlier this year, I was the one who brought to light the failure of the senate committee delegated to select someone to run the annual elections. Realizing the violations, I worked closely with the senate, the committee members and the Judicial Council to select an elections council chair and prevent the loss any valuable time.
This is an odd interpretation. Sinanian was the one who did not inform the ASUC of the problem ahead of time, leading to paralysis of the Senate. When someone else brought up an attempt at a workaround, he wasn't around, which led to one of the dumbest efforts to ignore the By-Laws in recent memory, when, under Sinanian's interpretation, the Senate passed an "informal verbal main motion" the same meeting it was proposed, which totally met public notice requirements because the "action" (actually conducting business) would happen the next week. (Apparently, public notice is not to let students voice input on what the ASUC does, but to ensure that the ASUC sits around for a while after deciding what to do) Eventually, the Senate was allowed to make the appointment, after an advisory opinion was filed contradicting claims that the Senate couldn't even do that business. Who asked for the advisory opinion? No, not Sinanian. That was me. In fact, I can't think of a single thing Sinanian did to move the Senate towards doing business again, aside from writing that idiotic statement about what the Senate did (which, by the way, was what provoked me into filing the charge sheet against the Senate in the first place, and was the most effective piece of evidence for proving my case).

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But if our keeper of truth / gatekeeper of shame torrents is, himself, untruthful, who will be able to stop him?

Dude. DUDE.
Do election results come out tonight?
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