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Sunday, April 05, 2009

From the defense brief for today's hearing:
Finally, in connection with this case, the plaintiff appears to have ambitions in mind greater than those expressly assigned to him by the ASUC Constitution. Plaintiff has publicly threatened Ms. Omar with "a torrent of shame and disgrace" claiming that he is "the gatekeeper" standing between aforementioned "torrents" and the defendant. Attorney General Faces Impeachment Charges, The Daily Californian. In fact, the ASUC Constitution and By-Laws make no reference to the task of "gatekeeper" in outlining the role of the Attorney General, nor do they provide for "torrents of shame and disgrace" as acceptable remedies for violations of ASUC By-Laws.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/05/2009 04:18:00 PM #
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Has the defense heard of what a "metaphor" is ?? Hmmm...

And more importantly, I like how they equate the people Sinanian was addressing to Dina Omar. His statements were actually clearly addressed to those "20 students who contacted Senator Oatfield."

Not to mention, the very fact that that whole spiel is mentioned in the brief is an ad hominem argument which really detracts from their credibility.
Moreover, the ASUC Constitution fails to mention the keymaster, the deity Gozer, or "crossing the streams". However, we must read into the intent of the drafters of the ASUC Constitution and assume that nominated ASUC officials are not supposed to trample over the dignity of their positions like a fifty foot Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.
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