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Monday, April 20, 2009
Fun with drops

After trying a few permutations on the drop scheme, if drops are going to be allowed this year as they were last year, I believe that Matt Samuels, of APPLE, is going to get into the Senate. If Jonathan Gaurano is removed from the ballot, it will be his seat. If not, it will come from Viola Tang, of CalSERVE. Some scrabbling over who will be the next alternate may also be in order.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/20/2009 01:03:00 PM #
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Why would Viola of CalSERVE drop? and how is the next alt officially decided?
Student Action can bump Viola off in favor of Matt by dropping their losing candidates.
SA better do this. None of their candidates would lose, and they would get another seat. Sorry Viola. Sorry CalSERVE. big shift
What if SA drops losing candidates, getting Matt a seat, and Gaurano is removed?
Then Viola gets a seat.
blah blah blah blame meghana dhar blah blah blah
Retabulating votes doesn't seem right after everyone has already seen the results. Is it even legal?
Yes it is legal, this has happened for many years. Except before, it used to happen while people were in the tabulation room, in rounds. Then there was a rule made that parties come to tabulations for the first round, and then they go home, mess around with permutations, and then file additional drops with the elections council.

This is completely legal.
just because it's been happening doesn't mean it's legal. it means no one has really challenged it yet.
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