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Friday, April 17, 2009
Drip, drip, drip

I could tell you an amusing story about war, love, and the conflict between dedication and friendship, but the punchline is that election results have been leaked, and Student Action has turned things around with an executive sweep.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/17/2009 11:03:00 AM #
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it could happen.
aren't you on the elections council?

and wouldn't that mean YOU leaked the results?
Dun dun DUNNNN! Actually, no, I'm not on the Elections Council. If I was, there would be no need to "leak" the results, because I'd consider them public knowledge. I still remain unclear why the ASUC feels the need to hide information from its students.
One: What's your source?

Two: Is this a joke?
Won't tell and no.
Wooo Fuck calserve!
Devastating, if true. Say goodbye to execs standing up for students in dealing with the university on issues like disproportionate departmental budget cuts and Lower Sproul. Say hello to fakeness and resume-building. I don't know, maybe Student Faction / Student Inaction will surprise me.
Say goodbye professionalism and standing up for students to UC Berkeley's ridiculous administration, say hi to SA execs kissing up and being puppets to the higher ups. If student action really wins this year, you can expect CalSERVE to sweep next year. Guaranteed.
are you going to be liveblogging the results? please? :)
what story about love and war?
I guess this makes Berkeley voters "priveleged" or "racist" or something.

Wow Jim. Please tell us how you really feel! How about being a gracious supporter of the defeated side? Would it be outrageous to congratulate the victors and offer them some positive words for what you hope they will be on the look out for?

What kind of cheese do you want SERVEd with that whine?
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Petros, this is the comments section of a blog, and I was just giving an initial depressed/venting reaction upon first reading the news, based on over ten years of observing the ASUC. Comment areas are a good place to vent. Why didn't you chastise the far more ungracious obscene-language-using winners who posted anonymously?

If I wanted to convey a message to the new execs (which is not really my place at this time since I graduated two years ago and am not involved with the ASUC), I would email them directly, not post on someone else's blog.

I graduated two years ago and speak for no one by myself, and have never been a CalSERVE member (only a voter), so don't try to tar the "losing side" because of my comments. I am sure the great CalSERVE candidates, senators, and execs, and other supporters of the "losing side" who are still on campus, will be full of congratulations and good advice for Student Action in terms of dealing with the administration. (I do not have confidence that Student Action will take it, however. Sorry if this makes me "whiny" -- I call it being realistic based on years of experience. At least CalSERVE still has the magic number of 7 Senate seats needed to hold Student Action's feet to the fire.)
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