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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's the last week of proposing bills!

CalSERVE wants to boot blood drives off of ASUC property since they don't allow men who've had gay sex to donate.

Here is Oscar Mairena's absurd effort to "fix" the elections process:
If a candidate withdraws after preliminary tabulations have been completed, their withdrawal will not entail a retabulation of results and will not affect the election. If a candidate is a winning candidate, then the seat is to be given to the alternate.
How do disqualifications get handled, then, if people also drop? Do you include the dropped candidate in the retabulation, even though they've withdrawn? More on this in the next post.

CalSERVE wants to create a "Third World College," insisting that the University allow its name be used with a college they have no control over.

They also want to "oppose" Prop 209. Why they think they have the legitimacy to express a "student opinion" when they can't even get a third of campus to vote at all in ASUC elections remains a mystery.

There's also some meaningless nonsense about "twinning" with universities in Gaza.

Student Action's meaningless nonsense involves commemoration of dead cops.

And, of course, we've got the usual assortment of blank bills.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/28/2009 05:34:00 PM #
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yep. recall john moghtader and then try to push a hardcore pro-Hamas initiative students obviously don't want. It would involve 'twinning' with Hamas' college in Gaza.
Ugly, Ugly remark about the police officers, Beetle, simpply ugly.

One of those officers was a Berkeley Grad, is a father and is married to a UCPD Police Officer who has helped a hell of a lot of kids on this campus.
To the Alpha Sigma Phi brothers who knew him for his generous nature, Sgt. Sakai was not merely some cop. To the hundreds of students on this campus who have been helped by his now widow, the bill to commerate and honor his memory is not some meaningless venture. Finally, we have some student leaders who think beyond themselves. Your comments were not merely ugly, they were unbelievably cruel.
Unbelievably cruel? Seriously?
Yeah seriously! Anonymous #3 wrote kinda of a heartfelt statement there. And what Beetle wrote was unbelievably fucked up.

Is "dead cops" something people really laugh at? Some of you sarcastic douchebags have been in Berkeley too long.
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