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Saturday, March 07, 2009

There's a survey for Lower Sproul out there. The questions are clearly designed to elicit a "Yay Lower Sproul spending" response, and discount those who don't want to see it. The all-important fee increase question, for instance, reads:
Would you consider raising the existing MLK fee (now $6 per semester) for a Sproul Student Center that met your needs, and that would include funding from the university and donor support?
If you just arbitrarily talk about raising a $6 fee, what amount do you think it will be raised to? 9$? $12? Tripled to $18?

In reality, the proposal is $100-$200. There's no way anyone not on top of this story will recognize that the question is asking whether you want to raise that fee to triple digits.

My favorite question, though, is:
Did you vote in the last ASUC elections?
Translation: Should we care what you have to say?

One question asks what you want to see added to Lower Sproul, and people are required to list at least something, regardless of whether or not they want to see any kind of Lower Sproul redevelopment. I imagine these answers will be used to say "People want these things!" even if the survey takers made it clear that they didn't.

So take the survey, and instead of being honest, make sure you give the answers that you think are most likely to get the results you want. Keep in mind the surveyors are dead-set on this project and really want to raise your fees for it. If you aren't happy about that, do your best to make the survey less useful to them.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/07/2009 01:35:00 AM #
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It is interesting to note the survey has now had more responses than the number of people who voted in this past recall election...
please show us where we can view the data that shows this is true. otherwise don't make claims you can't prove.
It is interesting to note the survey has now had more responses than the number of people who voted in this past national presidential election...
I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. 4092 people have completed the survey as of when I'm writing this.
I find the complete omission of seismic safety issues interesting, but not that interesting.

In general, you're right. One giant set of leading questions. And of course the multicultural center is a given.
maybe more people would vote if we offered them $500 gift cards.
re: anonymous #4

yes! of course i will take the word of an anonymous blog comment quoting a statistic with no citation. how cynical of me to question the validity of your statement.

anonymous # 7
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