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Thursday, March 05, 2009
Should you care?

So, what does it mean?

To a much greater extent than before, CalSERVE now "owns" the recall election. Those who thought the recall election was a waste of money can blame it on CalSERVE. Those who thought it was vital to the peace of campus or whatever can give credit to CalSERVE, though those folks probably aren't learning anything.

The results for the recall are supposed to come out today, and if it fails, CalSERVE is probably going to suffer even more. ("You spent all that money and didn't even accomplish anything?")

CalSERVE now has a reason to hate The Daily Cal. Not that they didn't before, of course, but traditionally, The Daily Cal has been seen as hostile towards Student Action, which may change this year. Is it CalSERVE's turn to boycott the Daily Cal forum?

Kifah Shah's view that Student Action would throw Moghtader to the wolves since they'd get a replacement from their party may cause some SAers to stiffen up and take the election a bit more personally. There are also excellent opportunities for bullshit psychoanalysis of her e-mail to draw conclusions about the CalSERVE mentality.

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