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Monday, March 30, 2009
Recall case update

Just a few things I've picked up from various communications about that recall case.

As far as I know, it's still scheduled for tonight at 9pm, though I still haven't heard where. It seems that neither Sinanian or the Judicial Council was actually reading their rules when it came to giving evidence to the other side, and I believe the defense still hasn't seen the video. I think the Judicial Council will try to have them see it right before or during the hearing.

I've certainly had hearings where evidence wasn't available until the hearing (in fact, even the evidence/witness list wasn't available until the hearings), but that was because the hearings were on an extremely rushed schedule. I don't see that excuse here.

I really hope the hearing does take place, and that the video is not the focus of the hearing. I'm far more interested to see how the Judicial Council will face a situation where they have to go up against the rules they're supposed to follow, and wish the hearing would focus more on that then the video nonsense. But that's just my own personal desire, and probably doesn't reflect the interests of the parties of the case.

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i thought chalking was illegal this campaign season?
Chalking is illegal every campaign season, actually. The only "change" was Nad insisting that there will be a "zero tolerance policy" by both the university and the city. Who knows if that actually means anything.
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