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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Daily Cal has seen the video. The description doesn't make it entirely clear what happened, or if he was involved. It does paint a different picture in attitude, however, of the image that Moghtader rushed up there and started hitting folks.

By the way, who is giving Moghtader legal advice? There's no real reason given not to release the tape. And holding onto it this long means he actually contributed to any damage he suffered by not refuting charges that he could have refuted.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/11/2009 05:56:00 PM #
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perhaps the video implicates his friend gabe weiner committing battery?
What are you talking about? He has consistently denied the charges against him ever since this whole thing began. Why don't you blame the people who started this antisemitic campaign in the first place, instead of the blaming the victim? I would be much more interested to hear how the courts will handle their libel, obstruction of justice, or whatever, rather than what happens in the ASUC court, which has no power.
I think this post and the comment above yours say nothing about ASUC court, but are only talking about real court. If Moghtader values his reputation so much, and had the opportunity to protect it by releasing a tape, but didn't, it will hurt any libel case he brings. There's a difference between what the law says and what is moral, and one can talk about one without making conclusions about the other.
There aren't going to be obstruction charges in "big people court" if there haven't been already - particularly if the Alameda County DA already has the fabled video.

The libel case is a big loser - not on the merits, but because libel cases against private parties are tough enough as it is and Moghtader had the opportunity to clear his name with evidence and didn't - he helped cause his own reputation damages. Think of it in terms of someone on a sinking ship - it's hard to get damages for negligence if you don't use the lifejacket you have been provided to wear in case of emergency.
Beetle and Anonymous, you are both wrong. Moghtader was never under any obligation to use the video as evidence in the "court of public opinion".

John Moghtader was wise to avoid turning this into a battle of public opinion, as it is clear that Jewish Zionists are at a severe disadvantage when their fate is in the hands of the public, as demonstrated by the recent election.

The proper way to deal with the malicious liars who have tried to harm him is through the rule of law, using due process.

It is also possible that he chose to release the video at this time because the viciousness of libelous statements about him escalated rapidly in the past few weeks (see the website www.no2hate.org) whereas before that the lies about him were subtle and suggestive.
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