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Friday, March 06, 2009

The Daily Cal takes the surprising view that:
Women should not have to stop wearing skirts because of this criminal, but this ideal cannot come at the cost of safety. Until the predator is caught, women should avoid wearing skirts when walking on the Southside at night.
I'm glad they recognize that "should" statements aren't really solutions. But really, it's not wearing the skirts that's the big deal. It's the fact that this dude has managed (probably more than) 20 attacks without receiving a serious enough response from any of his targets to stop him. I don't mean to sound survivalist or anything, but at a certain point, you have to walk away from the idea that relying solely on authority figures to protect you actually does so and take matters into your own hands. How many roaming vigilante groups were formed at this skirt rally? How many people signed up to learn how to deliver a well-deserved beat-down? Asking other people to do things is not a solution, it's just hope.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/06/2009 02:38:00 AM #
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I'm disgusted they turned this into a feminist issue. As if apolitical women weren't affected by this guy?

Good, show that you can wear a skirt on Sproul. Now can you effectively demonstrate that you can build, oh I don't know, a neighborhood movement to catch this POS?

Or are you so narcissistic that you believe this criminal targets you because of what you wear? Another example of the Victim Industrialization Complex, which, BTW, is how CalServe wins its elections -- when it actually plays by the rules - not how they played with this recent recall.
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