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Friday, March 06, 2009
Oh, lordy

Geez. Don't listen to this guy, he really has no idea what he's talking about:
The good-faith filing deadline to enter Judicial Council suits regarding elections violations has already passed. As a result, only Michael Sinanian, ASUC attorney general, may file suits alleging election bylaw violations.
Sinanian is no more capable of filing those suits than anyone else. Those of you who remember the summer of 2006 know full well that this isn't the slightest bit accurate. Everyone has the same ability to file suits now, and the Attorney General has no special power to do so. If folks violate elections By-Laws after the good faith filing deadline, their opposition is not required to get the Attorney General to approve their suits. Doing so would be a pretty clear violation of the rights of the student body.
"I'm planning on filing a few cases of my own in the next few days," he said. "If John Moghtader is looking to overturn this ruling, he will have to do so outside the ASUC at a higher court."
Yes, tell the Judicial Council what their authority is. They don't have any obligation to listen to you, but if you tell them what they can and can't do, I'm sure your suits will go well.

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...but didn't you just say that a charge sheet was rejected because it was late? then how could there be no deadlines?
There are deadlines. They don't apply to everything. A violation after the deadline, for instance, is not going to be subject to the deadline.
The Daily Cal's factcheckers must all be on vacation...
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