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Monday, March 02, 2009
Oh hey, that guy

The Daily Cal decides to take a look at that other guy.

It looks like the Elections Council is going ahead with their meaningless delay to Thursday, which has the potential consequence of giving Moghtader an extra week in the Senate even if he is recalled. It's almost certainly against the By-Laws, which call for tabulation to commence by Wednesday at 4 pm. Even if they want to treat figuring out how many votes were from AirBears as part of the tabulation process, it has to be open to observers from both sides of the recall. Then again, the openness requirement has been completely ignored for so long, I doubt anyone even bothered to consider it.

There's still no good reason to hang on to the results. The preliminary results are called "preliminary" for a reason. They don't have to be right. And there's no way the Judicial Council will approve throwing out the AirBears votes, so the quest to figure out how many were cast is pointless. If someone wants to challenge the results, let them do the hard work.

If the Judicial Council waits a week before certifying the results, as they typically do, that means that Moghtader would have at least two more Senate meetings regardless of the vote. I don't think that's a written rule, however, and they may act faster.

On a totally unrelated topic, while I don't expect enough abstentions for it to matter, the phrasing of the rule in the Constitution may be read to mean that the recall would need 2/3 of the vote including abstentions, rather than just the yes/no votes.

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