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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well, I may as well give some endorsements now, since no one cares, least of all me. I think these are going to be some of the most backhanded endorsements I've ever given.

First, let's establish that I don't view ASUC office as a reward. (If anything, it's a punishment) So I don't really worry about who "deserves" it, and I won't endorse some folks to punish others for wrongdoing. While I won't hesitate to say that this year, I think Student Action was superior in a moral sense to CalSERVE, I also won't hesitate to ignore that opinion when choosing who to vote for. (e.g. if a presidential candidate tells you how much he opposes the nonsensical opinion resolutions about, say, foreign affairs, remember that he won't be in the Senate anymore, so it doesn't really matter unless he's willing to commit to vetoing such resolutions)

I'll also gloss over the fact that I almost always vote SQUELCH! first, because they can't actually win. Your votes for third parties in executive races are statements of opinion, while your choice between the two major party candidates can be an attempt to get a victor you prefer, which is how I intend to make my endorsements.

The basic idea is this: When you have a task to accomplish, you need a tool. When you have an opponent who needs to be stopped, you need an asshole. With that in mind...

For President and Executive Vice President, I'm going to endorse the CalSERVE candidates, Oscar Mairena and Kifah Shah. Since they'll be working closely with the administration as they attempt to impose hundreds of dollars in fees for Lower Sproul, I recommend the assholes who'll fight them, rather than the tools who'll get along with them.

For Academic Affairs Vice President and External Affairs Vice President, I'm recommending the Student Action folks, John Tran and Dani Haber. Since the people they talk to don't actually have to listen to students, accomplishing things in these offices requires tools who can network and get along, and no one does it better than Student Action.

I assume that the Student Advocate person is running unopposed, as always. Assuming SQUELCH! has purged its Tikvah component, they remain the best place to toss your Senate vote to challenge the absurdity of both major parties.

If everyone made decisions this way, we could skip the entire campaign season. I'm doing my part. Are you?

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/17/2009 12:38:00 AM #
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On one hand you call for endorsing kifah shah, someone who ran for senate with the main goal of attacking israel and propping up sjp, and who will certainly use any position in the future to continue that (hijacking the ASUC for her narrow interests), but then you call for endorsing SQUELCH only assuming they have "purged" their Zionist component.

I don't get it. Seems like quite a double standard to me. If you are agaisnt advocating for any cause that's one thing. If you are against advocating for Israel/Arab candidates, why in the world would you endorse Shah and spit on Zionists?
I'm against advocating for any cause, I suppose. But if you see my (e.g.), or read that I'm voting SQUELCH! first, or... well, I dunno, learn how to read in the first place, you'll find answers to your questions.

I can't find any reason to care what the EVP has to say about foreign affairs. I don't enormously care about the Senate's views, either, but they have the power to pass meaningless resolutions, if those are important to you. And that's why I don't want Tikvah in my SQUELCH!: such things ARE important to Tikvah, while I prefer SQUELCH! to be critical of the prevailing nonsense, not a participant.

Now, if SQUELCH! could actually win executive positions, I'd be endorsing them, but as I thought I made clear, these are endorsements among those who can win. SQUELCH! can win Senate seats. They can't win executive offices.
No BCR love, Beetle?
Kifah Shah is not an asshole, shes an idiot.

If anything, when the administration works with her they will be so frustrated and shocked by her impenetrable stupidity that they will bypass that discussion and the ASUC altogether.

The way to win an argument isnt to send in somebody that is uneducated on the issue (or any issue)... I'm not disillusioned enough by the ASUC yet to suggest that
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