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Sunday, March 01, 2009

By the way, so far, we've had no coverage of the biggest ASUC story of the year (yes, bigger than the Moghtader story) in The Daily Cal. To a certain extent, this is good, because knowing The Daily Cal, they'd report is as if it's some uncontroversial fairness issue, where every person they ask has the same position in favor of it. An editorial will come out insisting that "for too long the GA has been excluded from commercial revenues" or some such.

When you look at it in a vacuum, you may come to the conclusion that the GA should share in revenue/expenses. But you should also come to the conclusion they should do that sharing regardless of whether or not there's money to be had. And when you look at things more broadly, it boils down to this:

The GA wants to be a partner to the ASUC only when the GA can gain money from it, and there's one exception: On student fees (a revenue), they want to be a maximal partner regardless.

Unless you think graduate students have some mystical power to boost revenue from ASUC commercial properties that they've been holding back all these years, waiting for a commercial revenue sharing agreement that almost no graduate students will hear about in an ASUC that almost every graduate student knows absolutely nothing of, this is a simple handover of money from elected undergraduate representatives to unelected graduate students, even though grad students already have double voting rights (or would, if the GA held actual elections). I hope the exotic foods they brag about bringing to their meetings on our dime ("free," they say) are good enough to justify it.

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