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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The stuff in this post is taken right from the excel file, so I don't know how it will translate to the ballot itself. For instance, DAAP is given its full name in the Senate list, but not in the executive spots, and UNITE and APPLE are labeled with Student Action, too. Will BCR be abbreviated on the ballot?

I have never heard of D.A.N.C.E., so I can't tell you anything about them.

Joshua Hug is back for another run-for-everything year. I don't like the idea of doing it more than once, but meh, whatever. I only hope that The Daily Cal doesn't chicken out again and not cover every executive candidate on his account.

UNITE Grssk and APPLE Engineering are one candidate smaller than usual, while Student action is two larger. They also seem to be labeled as Student Action. Is Student Action phasing its affiliate parties out, or is it just a coincidence?

The serious SQUELCH! candidates are Emily Carlton and Shivom Sinha, the candidates on the ends, as always.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/21/2009 12:10:00 AM #
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I thin D.A.N.C.E. was just a group of independents who decided to make a party last minute at the candidates meeting.
Did cooperative movement decide not to run any this year?
nice to see squelch endorse antisemitism by refusing to run a serious jewish candidate this year. Squelch! has had Jewish senators for many years.
Did your mom run a Jewish candidate? If not, she's also endorsing antisemitism.

I mean, come on, dude. Put some effort into it, at least.
Dear Anonymous #2,

The cooperative is running two candidates this year:

142 - Xander Lenc
143 - Christina Oatfield
Thanks, Anonymous #4. I missed it somehow.

Anonymous #2/#5
I don't really want to answer ridiculous points but will anyway.

SQUELCH! did not refuse to run a Jewish senator. Yes, we were hesitant to run a senator involved in Tikvah after the past two years, but to claim that we intentionally didn't run a Jewish serious candidate is stupid.

In fact, we had a Jewish serious candidate who dropped out last minute. Emily and Shivom are both people who will be great senators and represent students regardless of their religious beliefs.
Andy i have a question. Do your non-serious candidates know they're non-serious candidates? Do they just agree to run to help the serious candidates win?
Don't listen to Andy. The predominantly Jewish leadership and alumni of the SQUELCH! Party are all anti-Semitic jerks who tithe their money to Hamas and burn Israeli flags. Not slating Jews is clearly just another step in their master plan.
To Anonymous 1: Yes, they know they're non-serious candidates and have decided to run for that reason . They just run for fun and to help out the party (if they came to me and said they wanted to run seriously I would encourage it and help out with their campaigns). Student Action and CalSERVE both have non-serious candidates as well for the same reason. The difference is they let them think they're serious so they spend countless hours campaigning to get other people elected.

To Anonymous 2: Damn it. You figured it all out. I thought I'd been so sly too.
The guy raises a fair point. If Squelch ran a candidate like Weiner or Moghtader, he or she would have a natural base of support that would give him a chance to win. But as a Tikvah-type candidate was not slated, it is unlikely Squelch will win any seats.
SQUELCH! was winning seats long before Tikvah came by. And if the only way SQUELCH! can get seats is to have Tikvah folks represent them, they'd probably rather not have those seats.
D.A.N.C.E was formed already prior to the candidates meeting from what I've heard. They just asked independents if they wanted a party to run with at the candidates meeting. Who knows, they have two potentially good senate candidates.
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