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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Wrong again!

In what's becoming something of a tradition this year, Attorney General Sinanian ends up on the wrong side of an issue yet again:
ASUC Attorney General Michael Sinanian said due process for Moghtader was violated because the council was not fully filled.

"There were only half the justices," he said. "(The Judicial Council) should have known better."
Given that the exact issue had been raised before and resolved the same way, I don't think it's the Judicial Council that needed to know better.

Sinanian was open earlier that he was taking Moghtader's side on these efforts to kill the recall because the recall cost a lot of money and was hard to put on.
Mr. Sinanian said the decision he made not to represent the ASUC was made because he opposes the recall. He wasn't politically motivated and was simply motivated pragmatically.


Ms. Hussain asked if he understood that because they have a current system that was in play, although if may be flawed, it couldn't be fixed before resolving this matter first, and with 1,000 signatures, they had to hold a recall election. Mr. Sinanian said that was why he decided to not support the Senate by defending them in the case.
I'm not sure it's really appropriate for the Attorney General to include "treat the rules in the most convenient manner for the ASUC" with his obligation to ensure that the rules are followed.
But ASUC officials recognize that the drawn-out recall process has strained the enthusiasm of its supporters.

"Those that were once very proactive about this recall election have died down in enthusiasm," said Student Action Senator Edward Nahabet.
Hmm... perhaps an actual less-enthused-than-before supporter would have been worth finding. The statement of a politician about his political opponents should not be described as "recognition."

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 2/17/2009 01:38:00 AM #
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Seems strange to me that an AG would take pot-shots at a Judicial Council considering the AG has absolutely no power except what they can convince the Council to go along with. Antagonizing them in the press would seem to be a bad idea.
this year's ga is a student action ally and a friend of eddie nahabet. he has developed frinedships with eddie and other SA senators and is basically using his position to support SA.
Anonymous, please keep your comments to fact and not rumors that belong in juicycampus.

Meghana Dhar
o snap meghana, you sure told them!
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