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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Senate After-Action Report

The Senate meeting only took 3 hours, today. (Less, really, since they never start on time) There are two really big stories, one about the election, and one about the GA's latest attempt to get more money from the ASUC. I'll go into them in their own posts.

This was probably the least contentious Senate meeting I've been to, at least among the Senators. I got to see the crazy person who was screaming about nonsense that had been mentioned to me before. (My notes literally say "Rodriguez yields to crazy person" when Senator Claudia Rodriguez yielded time to her to ask gibberish of the Elections Council Chair) The most significant accusation (aside from the stunning revelation that Cal has 70,000 grad students and post-docs) was that eliminating polling places was the way Student Action and BEARS-United got votes. Yes, BEARS-United.

As a heads-up, the ASUC intends to push hard to raise our fees next year for the Lower Sproul/Multicultural Center/legacy making referendum, a fee increase which I understand will reach triple digits (though raising it in phases is the typical approach). Apparently they're going to push so hard that the finance officer told the Senate to consider the enormous spending such an effort will take. As I've mentioned before, I think the ASUC using resources to push for an election result is terrible ethics, even if technically legal when done before it makes it to the ballot. I don't intend to be around for the fight, though, so it's not my problem.

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where are results
On a computer hard drive somewhere. Why do you ask?
when are they coming out
The future!
I thought BEARS-United got votes by chalking within polling lines during voting days.
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