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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
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So someone finally sent me one of the pro-recall e-mails. It's from while they were still gathering signatures, from a Michelle Nguyen, "Shadow Co Coordinator" for REACH, to a bunch of e-mail lists (Bridges, REACH, Raza, PASS, SASC):
Subject: urgent!! we need 100 more signatures to recall senator John Moghtader

Hey All,
I'm so sorry for the spam but we need 100 more signatures so that the group can submit the petition tonight!! JUST ONE HUNDRED MORE!!! spam your FB friends!! email like mad crazy right now!!

Hope you all are doing well and are ready for finals. I just wanted to let you all know about an incident that happened on Nov 14th that can not be left alone & forgotten. We as UC Berkeley students need to stand up as a COMMUNITY and fight for what is right.

On Nov 14th there were violent attacks towards two Palestine students. If you did not hear about it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this link to learn more.


Basically an alumni senator, a CURRENT senator and another person (all males) attacked two Palestine students. ONE WOMEN and ONE MAN. This incident was completely messed up and it should not be happening on our campus.

Please take time to read the the blog, to know more about what happened.

Right now they're trying to recall the current senator because do we really want someone like him to represent our student body?
go here to sign the petition, it will take you like a minute!! please please please!!!


please forward like mad crazy to your list serves and tell all your friends. !!!

thanks for reading!! & peace easy!
While I don't think it's an appropriate use of ASUC resources, it would be difficult to call it a violation of any rules. Since it's before there even was a recall election going on, it would be tough to say it was taking action in favor of a proposition that didn't exist yet. Regardless, since the ASUC Senate itself can put questions on the ballot, the prohibition on using ASUC resources for propositions probably can't be read to prevent trying to get things onto the ballot in the first place. SUPERB and the Heuristic Squelch have certainly attempted (successfully) to put propositions on the ballot in recent years. Even if it were prohibited, who would be responsible? The proponents who don't exist yet? The groups who had their e-mail lists used in this way, without any indication they had to give permission? Does Nguyen speak for any group here? Does making excessive use of exclamation marks and repetitive 'please'es violate the By-Laws or only basic decency?

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At any rate, I think it's rather insidious, underhanded and nasty.
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