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Thursday, February 05, 2009
One more case

The Judicial Council has issued an opinion that the current procedure of picking replacement Senators, which is to give the seat to the last Senator eliminated, is appropriate because that's what the ASUC has been using and there's no reason to change it. Normally I'd complain about inertial law, especially when it can't really be squared that well with written law, but there weren't any consistent answers this time. That gives the seat to Bradley Froehle, and assuming he resigns as he has said he would, Marcus Caimi would be the next in line for a Senate seat.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 2/05/2009 12:29:00 AM #
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Why did Bradley Froehle "Brad the Grad" even run in the ASUC? Why not the GA?
I believe he did get a GA delegate position. I think he ran to put a graduate student voice on the Senate.
The way the ASUC does it always bugged me a little, but the only other solution is to redo the vote tallies as if the person that just resigned were dropped at some point in the tally, which isn't all that satisfying either. There's something to be said for acknowledging the mix as it finally stood at the end of the drop rounds. And it's easier, and probably not all that different in the end anyway (though I was never in the formulas enough to know this for sure).
It actually makes a pretty big difference to do it by retallying with the resigned dude dropped. It pretty much guarantees another person of the same party, as it does in this case.

By the way, the ASUC did away with "drop rounds" last year, saying folks couldn't drop in the middle of tabulation. So someone is either dropped from the beginning or counted normally.
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