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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
On being tone-deaf

The IAC/JSU charges are turning out to be a hilarious PR move. If you thought claims of antisemitism were bad before, it's a whole new ballgame now.

Everyone and their mother is bitching about "why didn't the other groups get charged," although none of these people felt the need to point to those other groups' e-mails and provide a basis for such a charge.

Things haven't been helped by Mike Sinanian's extremely loose explanation for the charges. He could have come out with a claim that "these groups took a YES or NO position on the recall, and no evidence of any other groups doing the same has been provided to me." Instead of pushing the "endorsement" aspect of the By-Law, though, he pushed the "action" aspect.

(As the quote in the story points out, JSU says they were opposed to the election as a whole, not to any particular side. It might make for the first determination of fact by of the Judicial Council in a long time if it goes to a hearing)

So now Sinanian is viewed as antisemitic (because he filed these charges) and pro-Moghtader (because he wanted to kill the recall election). And while filing these charges will piss off any previous fans on the pro-Moghtader side, I don't think anyone on the anti-Moghtader side actually wanted to see JSU (or even IAC) have to deal with this kind of thing, so he won't be getting any new fans. The list of friends is getting really narrow for him...

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I still really like the guy. Go figure.
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