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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
It's about time

It's about time I start pissing people off. I was afraid I wasn't doing things correctly.

I think I somehow became a friend of the supporters of the recall, judging from the complaints I'm getting. This is odd, because I voted against it. My assessment of it as being hypocritical and dishonest hasn't changed. But the reality is that I make do with the information I get, and the recall supporters have been much more willing to provide solid information.

So when folks complain about me being out to get the Jews while overlooking CalSERVE's horrors, it's silly. So, to be clear, no, I don't have the capacity to force the Attorney General to do anything. I wasn't his source for at least one, and probably both, of the e-mails he's basing his suits on. And I think folks know that if I wanted to actually see groups lose their sponsorship, I would have filed the suits myself.

You see, I actually feel obligations to do things. When I have information of possible violations of the By-Laws, I tell the folks in charge of that kind of thing. I refer to it as ethics, but you can call it whatever you want. The fact that I carry out those obligations doesn't mean I'm suddenly in favor of the consequences. Not everyone bases their behavior pattern on the accomplishment of specific goals, whatever the means. I realize this is difficult for many to understand, because to many people (many more people than I used to think), getting what they want is of the utmost importance, and nothing else matters. It twists the mind, and suddenly things fit neatly into categories of "friendly" and "hostile" to those goals.

The recall is an example of this. While they can insist all they want that it's about the fight, this is only partially believable. Yes, if there wasn't the fight, there'd be no recall, but if the roles had been reversed, I don't believe the people leading the charge for the recall in this case would be anywhere to be found. The folks who start the petition would coincidentally be folks with strong Zionist views. You certainly wouldn't see SJP members reverently reading the police report to the Senate as if it's the ultimate authority on truth.

These concepts of morality, justice, ethics, etc. are all utter nonsense unless you actually apply them as goals themselves, rather than restrictions or justifications of means. If you're asking "How can I get what I want while remaining moral?" you're asking the wrong question. That's not the view of a moral person, it's the view of a person who is chained by morality. There's an enormous difference between the two.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 2/25/2009 12:15:00 AM #
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I agree with, like, everything here. And I was one of the most outspoken anti-recall people around.

Don't let the haters bring ya down, Beetle!
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