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Nap Time!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Last week's Senate meeting was filled with crazy people, apparently. I guess this doesn't seem enormously unusual.

In other news, it turns out that the Senate doesn't really know what words mean, or what they're for. Take the amendment to the By-Laws to allow the Elections Council Chair to eliminate polling places with Senate consent (there were two other similar changes):
During any Regular ASUC Election, polling places shall be located at the following locations, unless if in the event of a recall election, the Elections Council determines that it is excessive to operate any of the following locations. In such a case, a polling location may only be eliminated with the consent of two-thirds of the entire Senate.
Regular ASUC Elections aren't recall elections. Recalls take place in Special ASUC Elections. So the rules specifying what goes on in a Regular ASUC Election don't apply to a Special ASUC Election.

(Folks have concluded from Judicial Council opinions that all the rules apply to special elections, for some reason, but there's nothing the opinions asserting the general applicability of Regular Election rules to Special Elections. Indeed, a later opinion makes clear that the original opinion only applied to the specific section on propositions and, I would assume, campaign rules. Why a section which specifically identifies itself as being for Regular Elections would be understood as applying to Special Elections remains a mystery. The Elections Council had absolute discretion on the locations and times of most of those polling locations, and I'm not sure this bill has changed that)

So the "unless" statement doesn't even make sense. They're allowing exceptions to rules that aren't even relevant. A literal reading of the section means that the number of polling places for a Regular Election can be reduced by the Elections Council, but only if there happens to be a recall election.

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