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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One down, one to go. JSU is going to avoid a hearing, it seems.
"I'm going to enter a settlement with the (Jewish Student Union)," ASUC Attorney General Michael Sinanian said today.
He is? Not the ASUC? Does this mean he filed the suit in his capacity as an ASUC member, rather than as Attorney General? In any case, he can't unilaterally settle, and needs permission from the Judicial Council to do so.
Sinanian said the statement from the group questioned the efficacy of holding the recall election rather than directly urging a vote either way.

"It wasn't about a candidate," he said. "To have a full-blown hearing is to unnesessarily elaborate on their actions,"
Those two statements mean two different things. If the former, then JSU did nothing illegal, and has nothing to agree to be censured for. In fact, I'd be disappointed if the settlement said anything to indicate that student groups can't criticize the processes of the ASUC. I'm hoping for a settlement more along the lines of "JSU acknowledges that the wording of the resolution could be interpreted as an endorsement of a particular position in the election" or some such nonsense.

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