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Monday, February 23, 2009

If this story is accurate:
The ASUC Elections Council will begin tabulating the results immediately following the election, but officials doubt that the final vote will go uncontested.
then the Elections Council plans on going against an advisory opinion by the Judicial Council:
Fifth, the Judicial Council was asked if the tabulation procedures specified in Title IV, Section XV of the By-Laws apply to special elections and if the requirement to wait until the good faith filing deadline for elections violations is still valid. As we have stated that a recall is a proposition, the tabulation procedure specified for propositions applies and the good faith deadline holds.
That means that, if the Elections Council wanted to follow that opinion, they would wait until next Tuesday before counting. It was an advisory opinion, and thus nonbinding. This means results will come out before the good faith deadline for filing Judicial Council suits expires, as opposed to typical elections. It also remains to be seen how exactly tabulation will be executed. (Will they gather folks in a big room to announce it, as with regular elections? Will they just let some people know? Which people? Etc.)

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