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Saturday, January 24, 2009
Recall is "go"

The last of the relevant Judicial Council cases that I'm aware of have been resolved. The recall election is good to go, a full paper ballot election is approved, and it has to take place Monday and Tuesday. Whether it will actually happen, though, remains to be seen.

There still may be a Judicial Council case pending as to who takes the place of a resigning or recalled Senator, but that need not be resolved before the recall.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 1/24/2009 07:46:00 PM #
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In my first and last comment on this issue, actually, it is not true that the election must take place on Monday. If the ECC cannot reasonably hold it on Monday and Tuesday while fulfilling the public notice requirements, then the Senate has the option of canceling its meeting this week, giving the ECC one more week to prepare for the election. That is because the language in the Constitution says the recall must be held within 2 meetings. It does not say 2 weeks.

Therefore, it is not true that the election must be before this Wednesday, but rather that the Senate cannot meet until the election has taken place. In either case, the ECC should notify the public by updating election.asuc.org with the dates of the election and location of polling places ASAP.
Sorry, that was me. -yaman
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