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Thursday, January 22, 2009
In other heavenly news

While not related to the recall, I heard some amusing stuff at the Senate meeting today I want to share.

The owner of Healthy Heavenly Foods, that place in the Bears Lair food court, came to beg the Senate to push for a lease. (The Store Operations Board has put the lease out to bid) Stuff about family, and really moving stuff.

Then Nad Permaul got up and essentially called bullshit. Among the complaints, apparently, after her kitchen was shut down because it wasn't up to code, she snuck her food into the oven of the Bear's Lair, whose manager arrived to find her food in their oven. He wasn't amused.

That's a story I couldn't let pass while my blog was operational. And now, back to your recall coverage.

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I have tremendous respect for Ms. Vu and I empathize with her current financial situation.

However, it frustrates me when students, who are PART of ASUC-funded groups, can advocate for inefficient and cost-inducing businesses on campus.

I respect and believe in Cal's culture as well, and hence I'm more than happy to concede that that all "Mom and Pop" should be given importance and maybe even priority on campus.

However, NOT when they are becoming a financial liability on the ASUC. And to be honest, this isn't just an ASUC matter. If the ASUC starts excusing more and more of their rent (as we have already been doing), the money comes from STUDENT FEES. Yep. That's YOUR money.

So let's keep the big picture in mind when evaluating Healthy Heavenly's place in Bear's Lair. They are violating health codes, breaking into Bear's Lair Pub to cook, and not paying rent.

Local business deserves priority and support. But irresponsible local business deserves standards and accountability.
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