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Nap Time!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nad Permaul went to the Senate meeting today to declare that it was physically impossible to have an election by this Monday. The Elections Council Chair took a similar line, because of the time it would take to test the computer program. I will now proceed to toot my own horn by noting that the Elections Council Chair will, in fact, be attempting to get the election accomplished by this Monday, after my brilliant suggestion to abandon online voting and go to an all-paper ballot. And if you're in Education Abroad... it sucks to be you. Don't worry. The Judicial Council ruled a few years ago that, since you could fly on a plane and come to campus to vote, you aren't disenfranchised. Yeah.

Some challenges, though:

First, EAP folks are screwed, as noted above.

Second, I believe blind folks are screwed, too, though maybe something can be done about it.

Third, the ASUC abandoned using the League of Women Voters as its neutral third party, since the campus IT guys essentially filled that role with online voting. Now that we're going back to paper ballots, that means there is no neutral third party.

There are probably numerous others. Feel free to list them.

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