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Nap Time!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I have nothing of importance to say.

As far as I know, nothing of significance has happened over winter break regarding the recall so far. Tommy Owens, the ASUC Senator from the BCR party, is making some posts on the recall and the John Moghtader's relationship with the ASUC Senate more generally at the Patriot Blog. He claims to have some hysterical e-mails to enjoy soon, which I'm looking forward to.

(I do admit feeling a bit weird about plugging the Patriot Blog now that I'm in charge of it, but hopefully my readers will forgive me for it. If not, it's a good thing I don't even like my readers)

I didn't get any interest in seeing the succession rules clarified from their current all-way tie at 0 status, so I'm not making an effort at the moment, though in a fit of boredom I may write another charge sheet soon. Assuming Brad Froehle will decline the position as he's said, next in line is either Marcus Caimi (Student Action), Yuna Shin (Student Action), Andy Kelley (CalSERVE), or Jessica Felber (SQUELCH!). Those are in decreasing order of plausibility, and though I think Felber getting the seat is the most consistent with ensuring legitimate representation, it's the least consistent with the Constitution's succession rule.

If nothing is done, I assume Caimi will get the spot, based on inertia. I haven't heard anything about the other potentials wanting to make a claim to the seat, and if they do, they probably want to wait until after the recall succeeds (if it happens), so they can sue and get a hearing where they can rattle off eloquent sound bytes about justice and freedom and pirates that the Judicial Council won't care about at all. This would likely paralyze the Senate again. Part of why I want to get an advisory opinion out of the Judicial Council before then is to get an independent baseline before the theatrics start.

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