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Sunday, January 25, 2009
And one more attempt

Attorney General Michael Sinanian has had a charge sheet accepted, essentially charging that the Elections Council has grossly mismanaged the election and thus it must be voided. It's hard to argue that the By-Laws and Constitution haven't been followed in regards to putting on an election. He's asking that the election be voided and a new one be scheduled in one month.
Our Constitution would never seek to impose unreasonable terms upon any of its adhering members or Constituencies, and as such, it would be safe for the Judicial Council to conclude that allowing the Elections Council approximately one month's time to successfully plan the recall is within reason and Constitutional.
I'm not sure how legitimate that assumption is. The recall process itself is pretty unreasonable and out-of-step with the election process. Essentially, Sinanian is asking the Judicial Council to rule a part of the Constitution to be unconstitutional, because it's unreasonable.

By the way, the charge sheet isn't really finger-pointing. Sinanian, after all, is part of the Elections Council, and the Elections Council Chair has taken the same "it's impossible, give us a month" position in front of the Senate.

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