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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
El Recall: The Daily Cal editorial concept

The Daily Cal isn't known for having deeply compelling and insightful editorials. Their comments on the recall have been even more mind-numbingly dumb than usual.

Last Friday, The Daily Cal wrote an editorial encouraging folks to reconsider the recall. Last Wednesday, the signatures for the recall were turned in (or so I'm told), provoking the recall election. You may notice that Wednesday comes before Friday. So it's great and all that the Daily Cal encouraged folks to reconsider the recall petition, but it might have helped if they had done so before it was already done.

Today, they continue a similar theme, complaining about that $50,000 bill. A real news organization would have been crawling over that fact and publishing it in the same news articles that announced the petition, so that folks could know about it when deciding whether or not to sign. Crying about it now, though, is just as strange as crying about it last Friday was. What other routes are they calling for?
For now, we can only hope Moghtader and the ASUC senate will thoroughly weigh their options before continuing.
Well, the Senate doesn't have any options. They have to set the election. Moghtader could, I suppose, resign, but why would he want to? The ASUC sort of fucked him over. How generous do you think he's going to be to the ASUC? Other than that, there isn't any flexibility.

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