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Sunday, May 11, 2008
Nice pics

The picture associated with this story on protests against cuts in East Asian Language classes includes a sign which has "Monolingual California" crossed out. It seems like an odd choice, since the advocates of the language classes are saying they'll be useful for people who communicate with other countries to do work, not those who just deal with California. When I think of California becoming "not Monolingual," the language that comes to mind is not East Asian.

In any case, since they used a "Hey hey, ho ho" chant, I hope their cause fails miserably and East Asian Languages are entirely eliminated.
Coordinators of the rally said they were impressed by the large turnout, especially since finals are approaching.

"The fact that these students would come out at a time when they are so pressed for time, it just speaks volumes about how much this issue matters to them," said Christine Hong, a postdoctoral fellow and core member of the Committee to Save Korean Studies.
Alternative Explanation: "I don't want to study, but I know I have to, so I should do something else that I can claim is useful. I already cleaned my apartment, twice... Aha! Save East Asian Languages!"

The Daily Cal's alternative appears to be to eliminate most upper division and graduate courses:
There are alternatives. While students might feel as if all classes begins the semester with a waitlist, some courses are consistently under-enrolled. The campus should look to theese classes and departments-as well as those that consistently underperform-when deciding where to make cuts nobody deserves.
Watch as departments suddenly make many fewer seats available in their specialty classes.

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