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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Go blow yourself up or something

SJP had one of their checkpoints today. Those SJP folks suck at making checkpoints, because it was trivially easy to just ignore it completely, as they only blocked the tiny sidepath of Sather Gate. They won't be successfully oppressing Palestinians like that.

At one point, a girl tried to sound like an angry and violent Israeli soldier, but the effort was so hilariously pathetic that even the protesters were laughing.

As usual, they brought out their fake guns, but they vanished at some point during the protest. Overheard conversations vaguely suggested that the university stepped in to see them removed.

Overall, it was fairly sad compared to some I've seen in the past. Where's the screaming, building-occupying, police-officer-biting SJP I remember?

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 5/07/2008 01:52:00 PM #
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There's obviously been a shift on campus. Now the pro-israel side is louder and much more effective. SJP has been a joke this year.
I'm not sure that the pro-Israel side can be described as "more effective." It depends on what the goal is, I suppose.
So let me get this straight: if SJP occupies a building, you'll bitch about SJP occupying a building. If SJP doesn't occupy a building, you'll bitch about the fact that SJP hasn't occupied a building in ___ years. Is that the formula?
Yeah, that's about right. I guess SJP is doomed in its quest for my all-important approval.
Yaman does your mother wear a burqa? She should.
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