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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
You missed the punchline

Way to neuter Christopher Edley's statement on John Yoo. The statement is here. Let's see what the Daily Cal quoted:
Assuming one believes as I do that Professor Yoo offered bad ideas and even worse advice during his government service, that judgment alone would not warrant dismissal or even a potentially chilling inquiry.
Yes, it does matter that Yoo was an adviser, but President Bush and his national security appointees were the deciders.
Those quotes make it seem like Edley is looking to come up with a rationale to keep Yoo, or that he can't be fired on a technicality. The actual money quote was more along the lines of
My sense is that the vast majority of legal academics with a view of the matter disagree with substantial portions of Professor Yoo's analyses, including a great many of his colleagues at Berkeley. If, however, this strong consensus were enough to fire or sanction someone, then academic freedom would be meaningless.
or maybe
One can oppose and even condemn an idea, but I do not believe that in a university we can fearfully refuse to look at it.

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