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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yaman reports that the new file is posted, but results haven't changed.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/16/2008 07:15:00 PM #
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Clarification of earlier comment: there are actually differences between the vote files, but I didn't see any differences in the results.

In particular, especially with Senate candidates, there appear to be more rankings in this file. From what I can gather by looking at just a few of the differences, it looks like the new file includes people who were dropped before tabulation.

You can view the differences yourself by uploading each file here:

I think the vote counts are actually the same if you pre-drop the pre-dropped candidates. The only difference is the one vote from the paper ballot. So the find-and-replace methodology worked fine, it seems.
Yes, because as I said in a previous post, the Tabulation program does not read or even do anything with the "vote id's". This is verifiable by reading the source code.
isn't it a bit off that we are getting our information from yaman, the elections council webmaster, also someone that is very much openly a calserve supporter?
Given that he is the webmaster, I don't think anything's off. You could perhaps argue that Yaman shouldn't be the Elections Council webmaster, but folks aren't exactly breaking down the doors to work for the ASUC.
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