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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More elections stuff. One fellow who I knew from teaching came to me and started to talk to me. Because I know him, I thought I'd be nice and tell him he didn't need to waste his time, since he wasn't going to convince me to vote for his candidate. That didn't work. He insisted there were some really good platforms! (I've seen them all, at least three times)

Folks are still demanding that you vote "yes" on the Save SUPERB Entertainment Referendum. I didn't know such a referendum existed. If that is the actual name right now, Alex Kozak really dropped the ball. (Alex tells me that the official name is still "The SUPERB Entertainment Fee Referendum.") They certainly haven't made a case that they would actually disband if the referendum fails. The flyer I have says:
"Vote 'yes' on the Save SUPERB Entertainment Referendum and you could get:

(list of stuff)
You could get it. You probably won't, though. They actually listed a lot of stuff that happened in the past, but since costs are rising (as they keep reminding us), I don't see why we should expect it. Remember that the oversight board which is supposed to make sure they increase events is made up almost entirely of the same interest groups which brought us the referendum in the first place. They'll never actually cut the fee if SUPERB fails.
Budget cuts have made it nearly impossible to keep entertainment alive."
Well, they certainly don't think much of themselves. Not only would budget cuts end SUPERB (they won't, really, but still), SUPERB is entertainment itself. Can you imagine a world without SUPERB? That's a world without entertainment, apparently.
Do your part and vote yes.
Our part? Not only should we vote for it if we like SUPERB events and don't mind forcing everyone else to shoulder the cost, we are obligated to do it. We have a responsibility to vote the way SUPERB wants us to.

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