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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hey, you're only five days late. Also:
While the full text of the referendum was included on the actual ballot, the voters' guide includes only a proponent's statement and an opponent's statement regarding the referendum.

The text of the referendum, as it appears on the ballot, states, "A $4.50 per semester mandatory student fee is proposed (beginning in Fall 2008 and continuing for 10 years, Fall and Spring semesters only, increasing $.30/semester every other year to account for inflation) to provide ASUC SUPERB with the financial means to increase the number and quality of films ... support graduate student entertainment, release funds for the ASUC Student Government to reallocate to undergraduate student groups and allocate one-third (1/3) of the fee for financial aid."
Um... dude... that's not the text of the referendum. That's the ballot question. The text of the referendum includes all the details, cost scales, committee makeup, etc. And what's that ellipsis doing in the middle?
Sean Mazur, general manager of SUPERB, said he was not asked to submit the full text version of the referendum to the council.

Instead, he was only asked to submit a 200-word pro-statement about the referendum and not the text of the referendum itself.
Of course he wasn't asked. Why would he be? Why would you even mention that he wasn't asked? The Senate put it on the ballot. Go ask them. "Jim, a guy standing on a street corner, said he was not asked to do the ASUC's job."

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