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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I said I wouldn't make predictions, but that was really for candidates. I'm just as wrong on propositions, (not always wrong, but 50% wrong, which is worse) but let's hear your ideas on the fee increase.

They realized that their "we're so awesome we don't have to do a whole lot" plan didn't quite go as they expected last year, so they're out campaigning in force, with flags and everything. All they need is an idiotic run for fee increases. Woooo! I don't see any reason it won't pass, but maybe we'll get lucky again.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/01/2008 09:22:00 PM #
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They should just call it the TGIF Superb fund and make all their fliers green.
$4.50 is SUCH a HUGE increase. I don't know what I'll do under the tyranny of such a large financial burden. Fuck i hope i'll get my inheritence soon, so that I can pay for this. I mean FUCK it's 4 dollars!!! I'll need to get another job to pay for this. Perhaps we should start a fundraiser to help people pay for this because otherwise we could see mass starvation on an unprecedented level. We're talking serious money here. 4.50!!! Oh the HUMANITY!!! The TEMERITY of these audacious ASSHOLES! how dare they oppress us with these DRASTIC increases. Woe be me. FUCK i'll go get drunk now and drop $80 at the bar maybe pick up a porno flick for $10 on the way home to ease my fears about paying for this drastic fee. Fuck this is gonna be bad.
Yeah, man. Who the fuck cares about this $4.50 increase. Well, $36 if I'm here for 4 years. The fact that 34,000 people have to pay it? No big deal. Everyone should just shut up and let anyone have any small amount of money they want without objection. And when it adds up to $200 a semester (or $1600 over a college career), no one has any problem with it. Who doesn't have that kind of money laying around for other folks' pet projects? Oh, and the pet projects of everyone else, once they realize that nobody will try to stop them when they increase fees.
hahaha "Fuck i hope i'll get my inheritence soon, so that I can pay for this." With beetle's calculation we will indeed need our inheritences.
your math is off.
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