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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Which ASUC candidate hates America the most?

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/09/2008 07:08:00 PM #
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definitely roxanne winston or someone else in DaapSERVE
Roxanne: supporting tree sitters is Anti-American. I don't understand why Calserve would slate her, did no one else want to run?
Roxanne Winston. Resolution to support the Wheeler tree sitter? Ridiculous.
I can testify that Roxanne Winston does in fact despise and hate America. I have heard it from her own mouth. She supports tree sitters, and hates Marines. She does not respect the free speech of her fellow countrymen and if she does not get her way, often resorts to yelling and whining about it (But thats generic CalSERVE). We cannot let this psycho (nor the rest of Calserve) into the Echelman Hall ever.
you know, i'm not even sure that chad's response is tongue-in-cheek.

i'm also not someone that goes after grammar/spelling, but how can you not know how to spell Eshleman after this year?
Because eshleman can be constructed a number of ways. Whatever, at least I have the balls not to hid behind an anonymous response
1. Since when is it honorable to badmouth others as long as your name is attached?

2. RE: whining - No, it's not a CalSERVE thing, but an ASUC Senate thing. What else, exactly, are you all empowered to do?
I love the ASUC = Whining --- it's not true...They could do more, but most senators just whine..........

And Chad - If you loved America, you wouldn't go around using it as a petty political tool. Have some respect for your country and its values as something to unite us, not cast down people whose politics you don't agree with.

Clearly this Republican can't stop dreaming of McCarthy and get into the 21st century.
I am a fan of the hypocrisy laden in the previous comment. Our anonymous poster calls for the disuse of "petty political tools" and then uses assumed affiliation with a legitimate, respectable party as an insult. I am not a Republican, however I respect their views, some of which are very fair and sensible. It's obvious and too bad that the previous poster's mind isn't quite that open to opinions he or she would otherwise disagree with. Shame on you, anonymous--generalizations are always wrongheaded.
To be fair, Eshleman is even misspelled on paystubs of some employers in the building, and in almost every other campus directory.
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