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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Oh, Jesus

ASUC officials said next year could also bring a more cohesive and productive senate, as the two parties share an equal amount of seats in the senate, according to the preliminary results.
That's how it works. Really. They then have a quote from Nadir Shams that says nothing of the sort:
"Sometimes in the senate it seems as if there's not as much debate and compromise to pass bills as there should be," said Independent Senator Nadir Shams. "Now with the clean split, senators of both parties will have to talk or else nothing can get done."
CalSERVE didn't have much trouble overpowering a puny Student Action delegation when they didn't even have the seven Senators they needed to block things. To suggest that CalSERVE will now compromise, rather than just call everyone who disagrees racist until Student Action Senators cave in because minorities are scary is pretty funny.
"I heard a candidate on Sproul talking about student safety and getting more lighting, which is important to me because I live on Northside and often get home very late," said senior Pheaross Graham.
You can hear a candidate (or six) on Sproul talking about that any given year. The question is whether you think that something will actually be accomplished or not.
On top of better organization, Jirachaikitti said the work CalSERVE officials have done this year, holding three of the four executive offices, helped motivate more students to vote for them.

"The experience of this year really showed students the potential of what the ASUC can be," Jirachaikitti said. "Students were able to see results and ... how we can make positive change in student government, and that was really reflected in the vote."
Results? Really? What visible results are we talking about?

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