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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Next Week on ASUC

It's a big one! I'm going to break out the underlining again!

A Resolution in Support of Senate Continuity: Winnie Kuo wants Senators to make reports for every project they did to be sent to next year's Senate training, as if any Senator gives a crap what her predecessors did.

A Bill in Support of Elections Information: This is a Christian Osmeña/Gabe Weiner bill sort of along the lines of what I said here, requiring election results to be released after the good faith filing deadline. It's got a lot of problems, though, one of which is that the time scale for releasing the information means that it may be released after tabulation, which seems to go against the point of the bill. Unless they make it clear that the point is to release it before tabulation, future Elections Councils may deliberately sit on it.

A RESOLUTION TO CHALLENGE FACULTY COMPLIANCE IN FULFILLING THE SEXUAL HARASSMENT PREVENTION EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: It turns out the ASUC is opposed to sexual harassment. They're angry because faculty members don't give a crap about "sexual harassment training" and want to say so.

A Resolution in Support of the May 1st Immigrant Rights Demonstrations: May Day is actually pretty crowded. I thought dock workers wanted to try to cripple the economy or something, too.

A Bill in Support of Effective Implementation of ASUC Rules and Regulations: Another Osmeña/Weiner bill, this one seeks to eliminate the position of Solicitor General, since the ASUC does such a piss-poor job of filling it, and nobody knows the difference between it and the Attorney General. I think it's a bad idea, though, because by appointing two people, there's a better chance that maybe one of them will actually do the job. (See last year, when Solicitor General Alex Kozak pretty much did the Attorney General's job)

A Bill in Support of the UC Student DOE Laboratory Oversight Commission: Rebecca Coleman wants to dedicate a whole section of the External Affairs Commission to whining about nuclear weapons.

An Amendment in Support of Student Publication Groups, Student Activity Groups and Student Initiated Service Groups: Yet another Osmeña/Weiner bill to institute limits on funding for Student Initiated Service Groups, as exist for Publications and Activity Groups.

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