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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
More on voter 99999

Voter 99999 was entered manually into the voting file, I believe we have confirmed. I also checked and confirmed that that voter did not cast a vote for the referendum, which all voters were required to do.

It was a CalSERVE vote, for the most part. I don't think I'd go screaming "fraud" just yet because it seems like such a stupid effort. After all, one vote wouldn't make much of a difference.

It does suggest, however, that the voter file may have been tampered with. I just checked to make sure, and there was no extra voter like that last year.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/16/2008 01:46:00 PM #
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This is what I think happened:

CalSERVE got hold of the voter file. They tried a few different ways to rig the election.

The first thing they tried was just adding in an extra "99999" voter. But they probably quickly realized that adding in voters was a mistake, so they decided to replace SA votes with CS votes in the exec races.

BUT they FORGOT to erase the 99999 when they were done.

Does anyone know how many total votes went to Student Action senators vs. Calserve senators?
99999's vote:

1. Allen Cho (CS)
2. Mary June Flores (CS)
3. Reyhan Bilici (SA)
4. Jenab-i Pareja (CS)
5. Katie Richardson (CS)
6. Oscar Mairena (CS)
7. Isaac Miller (CS)
8. Stephanie Yang (CS)
9. Eddie Nahabet (SA)
10. Chris Miller (SA)

AAVP: #1. Carlo De La Cruz #2. Christian Osmena

EAVP: #1. Dionne. #2. lina Ochman

EVP: #1. Krsytle Pasco. #2. Grace Shen

Student Advocate: no one

President: #1. Roxanne Winston. #2. Curtis Lee

I think it's likely that fraud occurred only in the president's race.

Someone who got hold of the file probably saw that CS won EVP, EAVP and AAVP, but lost for President. So they adjusted enough votes to turn it around.
That is nonsense, the only people who had access to the file were the Elections Council and IST, or whatever technical layer is responsible for the voting system. It is more likely that the people getting ready for yesterday were trying to preserve a malformed vote or something of the sort--but all of this is useless speculation.

I heard a rumor a new vote file is going to be distributed by ECC. Once it is posted, I am sure there will be an update here.
that theory can be proven if there are voters in the list who voted for SA execs except Roxanne for president. That should raise eyebrows.


Perhaps voters who voted for no other execs except for Roxanne, and voted for SA senators.


perhaps voters who voted for SA senate candidates but CS execs.
Yes. Well. I blame aliens. I'm going to hold off before declaring such thoughts as possibilities.

There is another vote file which was produced as votes were being made. I hope I can get a hold of it.

I think Yaman counted the total votes for each party, but I forgot what he said. I think SA ended up with about 200 more than CS.
I'm finding a lot of votes like this one:

29814 "" "34" "42" "52" "" "24" ""

This person voted for 3 Student Action execs, but then Roxanne Winston for president, and they didn't vote for any senators or studnt advocate.
Wow. Where is everyone getting the tin foil hats? I want to have a customized one for the future conspiracy convention.

It'd be nice if we could point to fishy ballots and say "look, there's got to be voter fraud". I think there's a simpler explanation: people are not obligated to vote rationally. The whole "99999" thing should be easily explainable, but I really don't have an answer. It seems way too sloppy to be straight up voter fraud.

I would not be surprised, though, when SA decides this is the proper occasion to take yet another field trip to Alameda County Superior Court.

Bonus question: when does the Daily Cal do some "reporting" about this?

2nd bonus question: what do the voter IDs mean? Anything? Are they linkable to student IDs? It should be easy enough to check them if they are, but time consuming.
I'm pretty sure voter IDs are assigned in the order that people vote. They shouldn't be linkable to student IDs, though I suppose that if the record of who votes when exists (to make sure nobody votes more than once), one could cross-check.
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