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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Let's go shopping

Student Action tried to adapt the sportsy "Let's go (two-syllable-team-name)" chant, but with "Student Action," instead. It hurt. A lot.


The one-man party I earlier identified as the "1000 year party" run by Joshua Hug is going by Ftyyar.byhf.awgvwfguihs.twnuctdsos. if The Daily Cal is to be believed, which is an awesome party name. I hope they have to say it at the Daily Cal Endorsement Forum (which is Friday at 5pm in 20 Barrows, by the way). Folks are allowed to use shortened versions of the name, and Hug says he's going by J Hug. Or really J HUG.

Nicknames are up at the election website.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/01/2008 09:25:00 PM #
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So i've just read through your blog and i notice that you're overwhelmingly negative. You just hate on everyone. Why do you spend so much time bitchin and readin minutes? You got some personal vendetta against the ASUC? You a concerned citizen or something? If you are you're doing a terribly shitty job of facilitating democratic discourse by just shitting on everything. I mean explosively shitting like a penguin. So f'real what's your deal? Why you such an asshole to everyone? What did the ASUC do to you to make you spend so much of your time on here and not out with friends?
Raise your hand if you're spending your time swearing at someone and coming up with middle-school level insults while not having the balls to identify yourself.
yea seriously what the hell is your problem? why you such an asshole? It's one thing to try to raise awareness and increase transparency as you claim to do, but your negative tone and blatantly disparaging remarks about everything just make you a fuckin piece of shit asshole. Don't you have better things to do than set up a blog and bag on others? it's pretty obvious that someone just needs to get laid.
Thank you.
calserve anonbots don't understand the concept of criticism.
funny coming from the guy/girl/thing that's hiding behind anyonymity as well...oh the irony...this is getting interesting...haha god i love flame wars...can't wait to see how this unfolds haha
How do you know it's from calserve?? There is a distinction between criticism and rudeness. And this can further be subdivided into constructive criticism and criticism meant to belittle. It seems Beetle only offers his brand of belittling criticism to all. I'm curious to see who or what Beetle supports. He/She/It hasn't offered a single positive post on anything nor has he/she/it offered a viable solution.
Beetle is a "he," if you find it useful to cut down on slashes. The very post you're commenting on is positive towards Joshua Hug's one-man operation. But why don't you point to a long-standing problem, and I'll see if I can point you to a post with a solution. The reality is that the solution for most issues I raise is "stop."

For posts on minutes, it's pretty common to see "stop breaking the rules and start changing them, if you hate them so much," as you can see on the latest one.

I do put forward solutions to many issues. I've proposed all sorts of legislation to fix gaping holes in the ASUC procedures, I'm currently working to make the ASUC more open about election results, I provided much of the information front for the effort to stop Student Action from robbing the ASUC to pay their legal bills, I am the only media outlet which actually published the full election results from last year, I ended the practice of including office-holding identifiers on the ASUC ballot, I halted two presidential overreaches through executive orders, I wrote an entire essay and filled with maintenance issues in the ASUC's rules and presented it to the ASUC, while offering to serve as Attorney General to help perform that maintenance, etc.

Now, if you're complaining about my treatment of ASUC folks around election time, if they treat students with respect, maybe I wouldn't feel so obligated to belittle them. But since they just lie to our face, try to convince people to vote for them with dumb catchphrases, and the like, there's no reason to treat them with the respect they don't give us.

Now, Amy, if you have a real problem you want me to help provide a solution for, feel free to shoot me an e-mail, send me a message, whatever. People do it all the time. Problems don't get solved through blogging. I sometimes point them out, and if anyone cares, they can do something about it.
"it's pretty obvious that someone just needs to get laid." now who's the asshole for pointing that out. You didn't have to go that far in pointing out the truth. Dick move on your part.
from my understanding, the raison d'etre of this blog IS to make people aware of the problems with berkeley/asuc etc. if you don't want to read it, don't read it people.

can any of the anonymous detractors please point me towards an alternate source of information for said topics? (dailycal certainly does not count). if you want to bitch about beetle not presenting solutions, then tell me somewhere else where i can find them. from my experience, beetle does a pretty decent job scanning and exposing the general retardness of the berkeley community.

suck it up.
It's not information if it's just his opinion, which is overwhelmingly negative.

Also, the Berkeley community is not retarded. Ignorant? Perhaps, but calling Berkeley retarded is as mature as saying beetle needs to get laid.
1. knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance

1. relatively slow in mental or emotional or physical development
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