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Monday, April 07, 2008
Joe Rothberg Ukulele songs

In case you missed Joe Rothberg's ukulele solos at the Daily Cal endorsement forum, I got the lyrics from him.

CalSERVE Ukulele Song:


Some of you think I am a perv,
at least I'm not a member of fucking CalSERVE

They use all the money on pork barrel spending,
then they accuse the Jews of money lending

Their colors are black & green,
when they're in the senate they're really fucking mean

Tryin' to sell you on real change
for an incumbent party, that is quite strange


Filibuster at every meeting
its the students that they are truly cheating

What HAVE you done in the past year?
At least I've spent my time drinking beers.


Student Action Ukulele Song:


Student Action, Student Action
They're full of tools, that's my reaction

Walk on to sproul, they follow you to class,
Student Action is just a pain in my ass.

Wasting Money on silly fliers,
When they say "done" I call them liars

Their candidates don't know shit
and when they lose elections they throw a fit


Their shirts all make them look like smurfs
and they treat campaign workers like a bunch of serfs

They run the same platform every year,
I'm almost done singing since I need another beer.


posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/07/2008 11:19:00 PM #
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very funny, and fitting.
This post needs video.
CalSERVE was videotaping stuff. Maybe they got it.
Here, I found a link:

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