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Friday, April 04, 2008
Endorsement Forum After Action Report

So, some notes from the Daily Cal Endorsement Forum.

I sort of blew off and bombed my speech, because by the time it rolled around, I was far more interested in my own theatrical projects, and everything to be said about the SUPERB fee has long been said. The Daily Cal has already come out against it, but if they base their decision on the endorsement forum alone, they may very well endorse the fee.

Student Action EVP candidate Grace Shen does not know what a closed session is. In response to a question about when the ASUC Senate should go into closed session, she argued that it should strike a balance between efficiency and letting students get their voices heard. And then, after the closed session, the Senate should explain exactly what was said there.

I can only assume she thought the reference to "closed session" was actually a reference to "committee of the whole." Because a closed session seems kind of pointless if you then say what was said there. The correct answer to the question was "whenever the Constitution says so."

DAAP presidential candidate Ronald Cruz wanted to increase funding for the Office of the President at the cost of student groups, because student groups don't accomplish real change. We need a strongman like Ronald Cruz. This came after one of the joke candidates said "No, don't cut the President's budget, I want to spend that money on my own goals."

I hesitate to talk about BEARS-United candidate John Kim, since I do have my fingerprints on his candidacy and I don't like talking about what I do, but Kim came up with his platform and comments on his own, so I think I'm okay talking about it.

After several of his joke platforms, real candidates got up and gave almost identical answers, which was sort of disturbing. However, his best comment came during the Student Advocate statements, when he said something to the effect of:

"Since there is no CalSERVE or Student Action candidate up here, you can be pretty sure that this is the only important office."

I thought it went well for my parties, though I'm hardly a fair judge.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 4/04/2008 07:24:00 PM #
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calserve finally got the message to pretend they have really general/vague platforms like student action.

student action is too pussy to call calserve out, so in the end both parties look identical.
ps whoever asked the question about 'closed session' probably didn't really know what it meant either...since the answer is kind of obvious and unimportant...
wow! "closed session" was the highlight of the night? i'm glad i wasn't there, and i'm a candidate for the senate!
yea man i must concur you bombed your speech pretty badly...public speaking is definetly not your forte
Your speech was not bad, but the framing of the referendum as a "matter of respect" I don't think was very effective. It's one point to make, but it's not everything that's at stake, and it is definitely not the point that, if you opposed the fee, which you do, you should have focused on given a 2-minute opportunity.

There are YouTube clips of the EAVP candidates from SA and CalSERVE here.
One of the challenges when opposing a fee increase like this is that you can't change minds with "what they do isn't important enough." Whether they think boosting SUPERB is worth $4.50 or not is not something I'm going to convince anyone about.
i thought the questions were pretty predictable, but i guess the fact that some people still fucked them up sasy they werent predictable enough. the moderator was way morelenient than last year. arent they not supposed to laugh at things? she was cleary
In fairness, she did say she was going to be more lenient than last year, and I think being lenient was perfectly appropriate. There's no reason to restrict the joke candidates to answering the questions, and among serious candidates, it worked out fine.

What's wrong with laughing?
whatever i still think she could have managed it better. it was typical dailcal people.
Go Lina!

endorsement predictions?
Endorsements: Curtis, no endorsement?, Christian, Dionne

Win: Curtis, Grace, Christian, Dionne
I love how a Lina supporter is posting a video of Lina completely messing up a question. Her answer doesn't make any sense and she looks and sounds incredibly nervous.
clearly that is a setup of someone in CalServe. Also, doesn't it seem a little weird that Calserve only posts the video from one of the offices. Show me the other office's debates and then we can decide who's more qualified.
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